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Change Platform Consulting provides a range of services designed to support health and social care organisations to maximise their strategic outcomes in complex change. From initial development and setup, through bespoke framework development to assurance reviews. The key services areas are outlined below.

In particular, we specialise in multi-organisation programmes across health systems.

Project & Programme Delivery

Programme delivery is critical to the success of organisations. We can support effective delivery of change by advising and providing organisations with capability building, team development, key product development , effective strategies and assurance for a range of complex strategic programmes in healthcare. This is across the whole programme lifecycle from setup to benefits realisation.

Complex Programme Reviews

Many organisations find significant benefits in reviewing complex programmes, for both the delivery teams and organisations involved. We provide an experienced view of programmes and their potential ability to deliver the strategic outcomes expected. Reviews can be tailored to assure aspects of programmes, or provide light touch strategic assessments, or more comprehensive in-depth analysis.

We have particular capabilities in multi-organisation reviews.

Health System Programme Development

Many of strategic objectives being sought in the health and social care sector require multi-organisation commitment to achieve. We are familiar with this kind of environment  and the challenges associated with establishing these programme in order for them to be successful.

Workshop Facilitation
Programme Framework Development

Although there are many 'off the shelf' programme frameworks that organisations can adopt, for success, either adapting these or developing bespoke frameworks is important. We have developed frameworks to support the unique change environment or capabilities within an organisation to improve the success of their complex programmes.

Agile Techniques

Although, there are many approaches used in complex change, we have found that change driven by the principles that underpin Agile to be the most effective.

We can support teams to understand and build capabilities in agile approaches that suit the health and social care environment, for example, establishing Scrums, or running Sprint activities.

Specialising in multi-organisation complex change, we are able to design and deliver workshops for a range of objectives covering, problem definition, service design, change approaches, solution development and planning.

Recent workshops have focused on building relationships in, and describing perspectives across urgent and planned care systems.

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